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Basket and Ball

All the wheels here are used for transportation, but the road to the finish is extremely difficult to cover without harm. Basket and Ball is a perfect example why you have to limit your speed while travelling from one point to another. Can you go to finish line in this horror game without getting hurt? Without losing legs, hands or even a head? One thing is for sure, the game is not over even if your head or body is lost. The only time when you have to go to Menu and choose a restart of the game is when the body of your character and the wheels are separated by your lack of attention and focus on the game and map of it. The controls are standard, but beware of speed up modules, they may jump you high and hit you on the roof of the structure, so your character’s body will be undoubtedly harmed and severely damaged. Why not trying out an editor of the levels? Do you want to see a handmade and artificially created death road? Then just turn on your imagination and start designing a brutal pathway to the finish line, make sure nobody will cross it unharmed. Basket and Ball is just a sarcastic name, there is nothing to be happy about in this weird flash game.