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While exploring the internet and web space, the user may sometimes face some strange stuff. The same happens when finding a weird flash game on a specific website. You meet those kind of applications every time. In order to have a collection or catalogue of fun games, we decided to deploy a page under GunGamesHub website, that would save all the original games found by our visitors and members of administrations. To begin with, as you may have already noticed its name is Fun Games. What game is under the fun label and what is not? To be honest, calling an app to be fun is a very subjective matter. Even a soccer game can be categorized as a fun stuff, we do not look at the gameplay and plot of the games. Even more, the first look and first impression make us think, is a game really worth being in a Fun Games` category or not. The controls and technical stuff are the same like in other flash games. Despite being weird games, you will still need to show off your amazing gaming skills, quickness, swift decision making, persistence, patience and many more. Be very focused, if you want to win of course.