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Several decades ago duels were still popular among the people. Anywhere in the world, men would solve problems with the help of a duel. It is a dry statistics, that in those two men challenges one of the opponents would die with a chance of 80%. Believe me, many brave and smart men have died because of these silly deadly challenges. Sometimes, they would fight because of their characters, they thought, that they were warriors and fighting was in their veins. To prevent men doing the same and making the same mistakes again, we want to introduce you amazing fighting games, where you can unleash your negative feeling, let them disappear in the epic fights versus computer or a friend. Fighting games contain many different versions of scenarios like challenging a single warrior or a group of soldiers. Every fighting game has its unique controls. Before starting fights, we advise you to get accustomed to the controls, otherwise your opponents will blow you up in several seconds. Use every single material, item or skill to harm the enemy, keep in mind the health of your character, as well as the total energy of yours. The damage dealt to the opponent highly depends on the energy level.