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We all know guys who cannot stand being slaves or just being treated like slaves. They always thrive for the freedom and fight for gaining it. In these epic escape games freedom lover daredevils are greatly welcome. They will test their sneaking abilities, escaping from the prison or from cruel boss. Imagine a situation when you pissed of your employer and now he wants you dead. What options are you left with? Run away from him and stay alive. At first glance, this looks like an easy job to do, but when you try out the application itself, believe me your opinion will be immediately changed. Even more, if the player was not sure about continuing a game or not, this issue would be solved too. Everyone knows a popular phrase: "The castle is broken from the inside". In this case our castle is a prison, where the player`s character is living. As we have mentioned above, he loves freedom and wants to escape that disastrous atmosphere and awful living conditions. When trying to get out of the jail is a typical situation and scenario, but what will you say when we will show you a flash game, where a big, monster pizza is chasing you down and wants to tear you apart.