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Driving a car is a real life problem. The streets are not safe for anyone unless you are driving an armored tank. Before getting a driving license, we highly recommend you playing our driving games, where you will learn most of the tricky ways how to ride safely without any problems and difficulties in even a flooded traffic. What you learn here is avoiding being hit by other drivers. This is the most important skill every car owner must have. Another essential topic you will meet here is economically consuming the fuel. Do you know what is the <>most effective speed to waste the least amount of gasoline? Well, it is a speed range from 50 miles per hour to 60. Any less or much speed will cause spending unnecessary amounts of gasoline, it will definitely waste your money. Our point is, that our games are not only for entertainment and fun, instead they will teach you important life hacks every human must know. We do not stop here, in some driving games you will be chased by Mafia members to take you down, in this situation your mission is to develop racing skills, pass through the armies of the cars without being damaged and get maximum of points.