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All the cool stuff collected from all over the internet will greatly satisfy you and change your insights. Have you ever wasted time for looking for cool games on the web? It is really boring to check out every single website, that tells you to visit them to explore amazing products and games. Well, to tell the truth, most of these websites are totally fake unlike ours. We are the keepers of our words, when we say that our cool games have top quality and you will have an awesome time while playing them, it means, that our website is worth of checking out. Cool games do not have a single specific vector of flash games, instead it can include a perfectly built and developed shooting game or a soccer game together. As we have already mentioned, this category does not recognize the boundaries. High score system is always implemented in every cool game we have published here. Whenever you set a record, we highly advise you and recommend to submit your score, to give the other players a motivation and you to become popular in our flash gaming community. Share your records and achievements online, you will become a famous game star.