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Gotham is full of threats and dangers. The Joker never sleeps and never stops. This time he has brought his evil and trickster friend, who will do their best to make the citizens of this once beloved city suffer and panic. Batman games are about stopping the Joker and his villains and preventing them from doing harm to your city. Batman is not alone in this fight, a Catwoman and Robin will greatly help you. Try to guess the plan of the destroyer of Gotham. If you happen to decrypt the plans of the Joker, then you will have a great chance of taking him down. Alfred, the police officer and detective, asks you for help. He requests from you to send the Joker and his bad friends to the court and from that directly to the jail. Batman has some special skills and tools to fight against the crime and bad guys. Batman games are well known for their unique batman car and flying machine, that can fly as fast as a speed of sound. Do not forget the existence of missiles and unique rockets, that can blow up the defensive posts of the villains and criminals. Use all of the available ammunition to get the Joker busted.