Unblocked Games

What are Unblocked Games

Imagine an usual day of the internet user. It does not matter which website you surf, as a rule, you will meet and face a content, that is unblocked. Let me explain what does this word – unblocked – mean. For example, there is a company called “Best Flash Games”. This organization is well structured and has definite goals and objectives. What happens if this company owns developers and make them create and develop several flash games? What would you do? The first thing, that comes up is copyrighting. unblocked-games-hub

If you create a product, there is no doubt, you will request, that your game in our situation, must be protected and distributed only on your behalf. Today’s internet aggressively violates this fundamental rule of copyrighting, less and less people respect this law. This is the main reason why the United States of America and whole Europe fights against piratic content, it does not matter if the object is movie, picture, pdf file or a game. To begin with, I want to discuss this matter from two points of view. The first one is a creator of products as you have already guessed and another is the users – people like you.

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Call of Duty – Modern Warfare

call-of-duty-modern-warfareAnother Huge Step

 Considering that you have viewed and read our first article about Call of Duty, now in this post we will talk about how did Activion’s team develop and made this game perfect by all means. Thirteen million copy seller company got only top reviews by critics. Everyone was happy that another trilogy was coming. The first part of the sequel was published in 2008. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 was available to play on Windows, Nintendo, Playstation 3 and Xbox. The game quickly became popular among first-person shooter lovers. Continue reading Call of Duty – Modern Warfare

Call of Duty – The Beginning of an Era

Precious and Unique Game of Our Childhood

We could have talked for hours about the epic game – Call of Duty, but this is not the main goal for now. Our discussion topic will be where did this all start and how did they manage to become on top of the shooting and action games industry. Do you remember what the very first of this game looked like? If you don’t, let me throw you back to 2003 when this legendary game was released. Continue reading Call of Duty – The Beginning of an Era

Last Line Of Defense

Last Line Of Defense or Show How Persistent You are

To begin with, the last line of defense games is extremely hard to play. Your role is to stay strong and do not let your enemies across the border, that is the only barrier between evil species and last members of humanity. The main idea and plot of these kind of flash games is to kill all of the opponents who are trying to demolish your defense line. As a rule, your wall must have some life points. the-last-line-of-defense

It means, that when you cannot handle many monsters at once, some of them get close to the defensive wall and they are hitting little damage to it. Do not you think that while they are dealing little harm to your wall it will be easy to win in these games – absolutely not! Maybe two or three mobs can’t hit hard, but when it comes to twenty and thirty monsters gathered next to your wall and shooting from their weapons or attacking by their claws, believe me you will definitely change your mind. Some of you may panic and you will soon understand that your progress had to be gone in a different way. It is a standard, that you as a guard must have a weapon. So the last line of defense is quite connected to gun games or shooting games category. Continue reading Last Line Of Defense

Hunting Games Review


This genre of video games is dated by 1984 when the first Duck hunting game appeared on Dendy Console. Every single child and adult was totally amused by playing this hunting game. I remember, people gathered to hold championships and tournaments. They competed each other, tried to beat others` high scores. Dendy, Sega and other computer manufacturer companies quickly realised that those kind of games would be the future of computer games development. They have never stopped their progress in achieving better games. They succeeded. Nowadays our modern hunting games combine more than 30 years progress in games` graphics and gameplay too. Let us analyze them in details. To begin with, first of all you must choose and decide what kind of weapon suits you most. Keep in mind that correctly chosen gun plays a great role in hunting games. Continue reading Hunting Games Review