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Flying jets controlling the airspace of the territory and military tense will make you love these very cool airplane games. You will have many available options to choose like favorite war plane. In every single application, it is crucial and vitally important to have the jet of your taste. In this case, your maneuvering is very fast and dynamic, you will be able to evade the missiles and bullets shot from the enemy machines. Try to pick up empowering items, that will greatly boost the player`s fighting abilities. The speed of the military jet is decisive, just like the ammunition and offensive pack. Do not think, that airplane games are only about war and shooting. No way! You will meet the games, where your missions are lifting citizens and civil people from one place to another destination in a minimal time with a minimal cost. Sometimes, you cannot choose a plane, so the user will have to quickly adapt a new flying machine and become comfortable while flying with it. Do not forget to pick up fuel boxes, without them your flying distance will be significantly lower and you may end up falling on the ground and failing a mission.