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Welcome to the world of 2 player games, where one computer can satisfy two players at the same time. No need to fight against each other for playing the computer, because our flash games are between two players. Help each other to overcome the difficulties in hard games or just challenge the friend in a game of Mortal Kombat or online soccer. The players have many alternatives and options while choosing the desirable game for fun. Sometimes both of the users will have to clash the groups of warriors, soldiers and or even crazy monsters. Chess is also very popular 2 player game, in fact, almost all of the board games can be played by two players. Record a video of an epic match between you and your friend. Do not forget, that it is an online game, so if you and your mate are not on the same team, it seems, that you are the opponents in a virtual environment. 2 player games promote fun and a better gaming experience, than the regular flash games. Choose and configure the control keys in the options menu to meet your taste. Record the games of your duo, become extremely popular and make fans from all over the world.